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Sabtu, 21 Mei 2011

[UPDATE]Boyfriend member profile

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Boyfriend’s Leader
Name: Kim Donghyun 
Age: 21
Birthday: February 12 1989
Height: 177cm
Speciality: Knows Japanese, Piano
"I can't see myself doing anything else. I want to become a singer with a huge influence on teenagers." Donghyun, being the eldest in the trainee bunch has been a trainee at Starship Entertainment for around 6 years now

- “I can’t see myselfdoing anything else. I want to become a singer with a huge influence onteenagers.”
- Donghyun, being theeldest in the trainee bunch has been a trainee at Starship Entertainment for around 6 years now
- He Appeared inSISTAR’s PUSH PUSH MV, aswell, as backup dancer for KWILL.
- he looks like aperson who has to be the leader.
- he is the member whois the most interested in fashion.
- he is also veryfunny.
- Celestial Leaderwith a variety of appearances.
- leader is on a diet.the member who eats the least.
- Leader’s childhooddream was to be a pianist

Boyfriend’s Sweaty King/Prince 
Name : No Minwoo
Birthday: 31st of July, 1995
Position: Rapper
- KBS1's "My Sweetheart, My Darling" (2005) *He was a minor character
- SBS's "Ghost Pang Pang" (2007) *Appeared as Kim Chul Doo (김철두)
- KBS2's "Wife and Woman" [AKA Windy City] (2008) *Appeared as Kwon Seung Il (권승일)
- SBS's "Amnok River Flows / Yalu River Flows" (2008) *Appeared as the adolescent stage of Mirok Li
- Eleventh Mom (2007) (Movie)
- Mother (2007) (Movie)
- My Heart is Beating MV (with IU and Joon) (2010)

- He is clever. He has this ‘Mothers friends son’ style.
- His Positive points:He is really good at Dancing. and He has leadership.
- His negative point:He has a huffing personality. (bad/short-tempered)
- He’s bad at Games.He loses a lot with bets.
- Minwoo in one word?— Lee Sung Gi senior for his Style. (by;youngmin)
- He was called ‘MoistMinwoo’ but it change to ‘Wet Minwoo’ .
- and He is called theSweaty King/Prince. Because he sweats a LOT.:D
- Minwoo’s love — the Air Purifier/Conditioner. xD
- Had a bit of fame during school

Jo Twins

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Ways to distinguish THE TWINS.
- Their jaw lines are a bit different.
- Their personalities are also a bit different.
- They have different feels/atmospheres.
- The Twins get greedy for gags but they are not funny

Boyfriend’s Charisma Boy
Name: Jo Youngmin
Age: 15
Chinese Zodiac: Pig
Star Sign: Taurus
Height: 180cm 

- He is the older one in the JO Twins. :)
- Along with his twin brother both share experiences in acting and performing.
- The twins were said to be in over 300 CF’s in their pre-debut days.
- “Youngmin and Kwangmin were in over 300 CFs since they turned 100 days old as child actors.” Starship Ent. stated.
- He starred as a student on ALL MY LOVE with his twin brother and Minwoo.
- He washes his hand whenever he’s stressed.
- When he do something, he’s so involved and that makes him charming.
- He has a lot of pride.
- He rages easily.
- He is very emotional.
- He receives the leader’s minion, leader favors him.
- Things he can’t do; Gags

Boyfriend’s 4D Boy
NameJo Kwangmin
Age: 15
Birthday: 24th of April 1995
Chinese Zodiac: Pig
Star Sign: Taur
Height: 180
Facts :
- He is the younger one in the JO Twins. :)
- He appeared in SISTAR’s PUSH PUSH music video along with Donghyun and his twin brother, Youngmin.
- Apart from that he’s also been seen as a back-up dancer for K.Will.
- 4th dimensional personality
- very innocent
- something he can’t do; is grab the atmosphere
- We once went to get Pokemon bread, but he gave it back because he had one already and said “you can have it hyung, i have one” (by;jeongmin)
- He loves Pokemon. He likes all of them, but he likes Pikachu the most

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Boyfriend’s Main Vocal
NameHyun Seong (Sunho) 현성
Birthdate: June 9 1993
Positon: Main Vocalist

-he is the member who eats the most. he eats a lot.
- he loves bread pork cutlet the most and hamburgers but he eats everything.
- he reads books.
- he knows a lot.
- he takes care of the maknae line very well.
- he has a bright personality. naive and clear and very innocent.
- when singers look at him, he might look lack .. lacking (by;kwangmin)
- He is good at singing.
- however he is scared of cameras.

Mirror Prince
Name: Lee Jeong Min 이정민
Age : 17
Birthdate: January 2 1994 
PositionLead Vocalist

- Is a serious and mysterious type but has a very funny side too.
- Plays piano and sings well. 
- Football/Soccer is the only thing he can’t do.
- He really likes looking at himself at the mirror 24/7 except when he sleeps.
- So, He is now known as the Mirror Prince. (he is even called Bubble(gum) Prince in a lot of fanfics lol xD)
- Jeongmin in one word? Just Jeongmin hyung (by;minwoo)

Boyfriend MV — (1,000,000+ views in just one week. im a very proud GirlFriend:3 let’s go for 2,3,4,5+ million, shall we girlfriends and bestfriends?)
Boyfriend Practice Video | Mirrored Version (with intro)


UCC MISSION (please watch and support BOYFRIEND)
Mission 1 — Leader Donghyun and his awesome Piano Skills
Mission 2 — Boyfriend’s Older Line sings SHINee’s Love Like Oxygen (Donghyun, Hyungseong, Jeongmin)
Mission 3 — Boyfriend’s Maknae Line or BOYFRIEND17 dances to a remix (Youngmin, Kwangmin, Minwoo)

M!PICK with subs
- Episode 1 — Part 1 | 2
- Episode 2 — Part 1 | 2

Performaces (since debut)

First Week: (with intros)
- M!COUNTDOWN 110526 — 1 | 2
- MusicBank 110527 — 1 | 2
- MusicCore 110528 — 1(no intro) | 2
- Inkigayo 110529 — 1 | 2

Second Week:
- M!COUNTDOWN — 110602
- MusicBank — 110603
- MusicCore — 110604
- Inkigayo — 110605

Lets give them love more <3 

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