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Senin, 29 November 2010

Five Treasure Island ♥

F.T. Island (Korean에프티 아일랜드), Five Treasure Island, or FTI, is a famous five member South Korean band. The name F.T. Island stands for 'Five Treasure Island'.[2] Their debut album, titled "Cheerful Sensibility", was the sixth best-selling album in 2007. Their debut song 'Lovesick' stayed on top of kpop charts for 8 consecutive weeks.[3] Their first album in Japan also was the sixth best selling album by Oricon chart.

2007–2008: Debut, Cheerful Sensibility, and Colorful Sensibility 

Although F.T. Island's first album was scheduled to be released commercially in May 2007, the members appeared on the show Dugeun Dugeun Yeochinmandeulgi(Korean두근두근 여친만들기) on the Korean television channel MNet. The band also performed on stage live at Rolling Hall and held their first official showcase at Live House Melon-AX, Gwangjang-dong in Seoulon May 27, 2007.[4] On June 7, 2007 the group performed their debut song "Love Sick" on the music television program M!Countdown. This song stayed on top of the chart for 8 consecutive weeks in Korea. They received their first #1 M!Countdown.[5]
Their first album, Cheerful Sensibility, was released on June 7, 2007, and was reportedly produced by the Japanese composers who worked with the Japanese band, SMAP.[6] Selling over 79,000 copies in 2007, it was the sixth best-selling album of the year.[7] The album was re-released on December 3, 2007, titled "The Refreshment", with three extra songs, a photobook, a stack of photocards, and a mixing program called Music 2.0 which allows one to adjust the levels of the instruments and vocals accordingly. This edition sold 25,724 copies in December 2007.[7]
On March 31, 2008, an autograph session in Malaysia at the Damansara Cineleisure was held, which was to be follow the next day by the group's first concert at the Sunway Lagoon Amphitheater.[8] The performance was canceled, and their first first concert was held in Thailand instead, at the Royal Paragon Hall the following month.[9] Extending oversea, F.T. Island's Japanese debut album, Prologue of FT Island, was released on June 7, 2008, which yielded the airplay song "Soyogi". After their promotional activities ended, the group returned to Korea to release their second Korean album Colorful Sensibility on August 27, 2008. A follow-up EP, Colorful Sensibility Part 2, was released on October 17, 2008. Later that year, F.T. Island released "The One", their first Japanese commercial single, which hit #9 on the Oricon daily charts.[citation needed] The single also became notable for being the last official released CD with member Oh Won Bin before his departure.

2009–present: New lineup and Cross & Change

In May 2009, it was announced that member Oh Wonbin would leave the group and be replaced[10] with FNC trainee Song Seung Hyun as a guitarist and backup vocalist.[11] With the new lineup change, F.T. Island released the music video for their mini-album lead song "Bad Woman." They also promoted it on SBS Inkigayo, and two days later, released the mini-album Jump Up.

After celebrating their 1000 days, they flew to Japan and will stay there until the end of August for their major debut under the combination of new Japanese label company, Warner Music Japan and their official label company, FNC Music.t Damansara Cineleisure. They also began a new Japanese show which began airing starting 7 April 2010.[12] On May 19, 2010, F.T. Island released their new single "Flower Rock" under Warner Music.[13] "Flower Rock" entered the Oricon daily charts at 3rd position on May 19, 2010, the day of its release, and held the fourth position of that week.[14] On July 14, 2010, F.T. Island released another single named "Brand-new days," which included songs written by the F.T. Island members Song Seung Hyun and Choi Jong Hun. F.T. Island performed a five-city concert tour in Japan after releasing both singles.[15][16] They also performed at the international rock festival "Summer Sonic 2010" in Maishima ArenaOsakaJapan.[17]
After promotions in Japan, F.T. Island will focus on their comeback in Korea in mid-August 2010.[18] F.T. Island officially made their comeback in Korean on August 27, 2010 while their new mini album "Beautiful Journey" was released on August 25, 2010. The music video for their main title song "Love Love Love" was also released on August 25th.

Cheerful Sensibility (Vol. 1)
사랑앓이 (Love Sick)
  1. 행복합니다 (I'm Happy)
  2. 천둥 (Thunder)
  3. 한 사람만 (Only One Person)
  4. 집착 (Cling)
  5. 남자의 첫 사랑은 무덤까지 간다 (A Man's First Love Follows Him To The Grave)
  6. 하지 말래요 (They Said to Stop)
  7. FT Island
  8. Reo Reo
  9. Primadonna
  10. 마중 (Meeting)
  11. 사랑하는 법을 몰라서 (Because I Didn't Know How to Love)
  12. 첫 키스 (First Kiss)

The Refreshment (Special Repackage Album) 
  1. 너 올 때까지 (Until You Return)
  2. 사랑이야 (It's Love)
  3. 눈물이 더 가까운 사람 (A Person Who's Closer to Tears)
  4. 사랑앓이 (Love Sick)
  5. 행복합니다 (I'm Happy)
  6. 천둥 (Thunder)
  7. 한사람만 (Only One Person)
  8. 집착 (Cling)
  9. 남자의 첫 사랑은 무덤까지 간다 (A Man's First Love Follows Him To The Grave)
  10. 하지말래요 (They Said to Stop

  • DISC 02. Island Chapter
  1. FT Island
  2. Reo Reo
  3. Primadonna
  4. 마중 (Meeting)
  5. 사랑하는 법을 몰라서 (Because I Didn't Know How to Love)
  6. 첫 키스 (First Kiss)
Prologue of FT Island -Soyogi-

  1. Friendship
  2. ミライジテンシャ (Mirai Jitensha)
  3. Soyogi
  4. Stars
  5. A Song For You
  6. FT Island
  7. Primadonna
  8. Always Be Mine

Colorful Sensibility (Vol. 2)
    1. 사랑후애(譃愛) (After Love)
    2. 여자는 몰라 (Girls Don't Know)
    3. 그대는 사랑입니다 (You Are My Love)
    4. Love is
    5. 멋쟁이 vs 예쁜이 (FT vs PRI) (The Cool vs The Pretty)
    6. 외워두기 (Memorize)
    7. 미워하고 원망하고 (Hate and Resentment)
    8. 1분 1초도 (Even for 1 Minute and 1 Second)
    9. 사랑하지마요 (Don't Love)
    10. 사랑이라 부르는 이름 (A Name Called Love)
    11. Troublemaker
    12. Train
    Colorful Sensibility Part 2 (Vol. 2.5)

    1. 너를 사랑해 (Love Is…)
    2. Heaven
    3. 너의 안부를 물을 때 (When I Worry About Your Well-Being)
    4. 바램 (Prayer)
    5. 내 오랜 그녀와 해야 할일 (The Thing I Should Have Continued With Her)
    6. 그대는 사랑입니다 Remix (You Are My Love Remix)

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