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SHINee ♡

Kamis, 07 April 2011

SHINee message for they future wife

Onew -

I…will respect this..yes. I want to talk formally to you for the rest of my life. Why? because i really love you alot. I will always work hard so that we can live a happy life together. I hope that in the future we can still live happily like this. Thank you very much

I love you.

Jonghyun -


I am sorry that I haven’t been a good husband. Lets have children quickly, or else i am unable to give birth.

Wife, I love you.

Key - 

Have you managed to learn the thing that you wanted to learn recently? Even though i dont know whats that thing, i just want you to finish doing what you need to do because that is something that you want to do. Let’s live happily no matter what. Goodbye. Thank you wife, I love you

Taemin - 

We have been married for 300 days already. Time passes really fast right? In the future, lets continue to live happily like this. And..we must have sons and many daughters too. Lets make a happy and beautiful famile

Wife, I love you

Theres no Minho in the future wife thing D:

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klikninda mengatakan...

Chingu , mereka bilang ini di acara apa ya ?

choKEYlate mengatakan...

aduh aku lupa chingu drimana .___. mian yah.. aku udh lama savenya