SHINee ♡

SHINee ♡

Rabu, 08 Desember 2010

Minho celebrated his birthday with yoogeun

Minho from SHINee celebrated his nineteenth birthday today and posted a message on the official SMtown SHINee board. He posted a few photos of himself and Yoogeun from Hello Baby posing cutely together.

Titled “Hello~ It's Minho. ^^,” he writes:

“Hello~ It's SHINee's flaming charisma MinhO! All of you who's been with me since debut... I'm already at my 20th birthday~ Sigh.... Time flies, doesn't it? ^^ I've had so many unforgettable experiences and memories in the last two and a half years because of you. Thank you so much~ and again~ I'm sad we couldn't hold a birthday party together, but we'll be meeting each other at the award ceremony today~ I'm also preparing hard for the first concert we'll have. I'm going to be doing my best at promotions from now on~ From now on we should... make sure we only have happy and good things~ ^^ Thanks~ always... Since it's my birthday~ 4 pictures! Keke”

Super Junior’s Donghae also congratulated Minho by tweeting from his iPhone saying, “Today is MIn ho birthday !! Happy birthday My bro ! I love u man !! God bless u !!”.

It is well known that Minho and Donghae are extremely close. In 2009, Minho said on Shim Shim TaPa, “Though I am really close with the other hyungs, I’m sorry, but I need to say this. In Super Junior, the one I like most is Fishie–Donghae-hyung. We would always talk about things heart to heart. I also have something that I want to say to Donghae-hyung….can I say it?... Donghae-hyung, I love you.”

Happy birthday to Minho! 

Sources: SMTOWN@donghae861015, and smonelove

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