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Minggu, 13 Maret 2011

K-Pop Idols Express Their Feelings Regarding Japan’s Earthquake

Because of the recent natural disasters in Japan, many people around the prayed and hoped that the Japanese people are safe and sheltered. Many Korean idols expressed their feelings regarding Japan’s earthquake through Twitter. Listen fellow Japanese people, this is for all of you!

Here are a few idols who tweeted,

2PM Chansung

“태국에서 소식 들었습니다..!이렇게 큰 자연재해를 보니 정말 무서웠어요.일본에 더이상 피해가 없길바랍니다..!!모두 힘내시길..!!

I heard the news from Thailand..! Huge natural disasters like this really make me scared. I hope Japan doesn’t get further damaged..!! Everyone stay strong..! “

BEAST Yoseob

” 다녀오겠습니다..ㅜ 에휴 더이상 피해가 없어야 할텐데 말이죠ㅜ..다녀오겠습니다!!!!

We’re going now to Thailand..ㅜ *sigh* I hope there won’t be any more damages in Japan ㅜ.. we’ll be back!!!! “

U-KISS Kiseop

” 갑자기…너무 충격이에요… 너무 마음이 아파요…. 너무 걱정되요… 정말….피해가 없길 바래요…’s so shocking… my heart hurts so much…I’m so worried…really…I hope there won’t be more damage…. “

U-KISS Kibum

” 갑자기 이게 무슨..괜찮으신가요? #prayforjapan

why is this so suddenly.. will everything be okay? #prayforjapan

일본이 지진으로 큰 피해를 입었고 지금도 진행중이라 들었습니다 부디 키스미 그리고 일본에 계신 모든 국내외분들 다치지마시길 기도합니다 I Pray for japan

Japan has suffered heavy damage from the earthquake and I heard that the earthquake is still progressing. It won’t hurt for those at home and abroad to pray for Japan! I Pray for japan

내 일 같이 마음이 너무 아픕니다 일본에 계신분들 정말 괜찮으신가요? 제 지인중 연락이 안되는분이 있어 아직도 걱정입니다..

My heart hurts so much for the people in Japan, will they be okay? I’m not able to contact my friends and I’m still worried.. “

U-KISS Dongho

“ 일본.. 부디 빨리 그 끔찍한일들이 빨리 맘추기를 바래봅니다… #prayforjapan

Japan.. I hope that this terrible thing stops soon…#prayforjapan “

JYJ Junsu

” 난 여태껏 느껴보지 못한..흔들림을 ..오늘 느꼈다…

I’ve never ever felt before..the earthquake.. that I’ve felt today.. “

FT Island Jonghun

” 큰 피해 없길 기도하겠습니다 ㅠㅠ

I’m watching the news right now and worrying, is everyone alright? I hope there won’t be deaths ㅠㅠ “

Super Junior Leeteuk

” 일본지진소식을들었습니다..너무나놀라고가슴이아픕니다 모두안전하시고 건강하시구요 기도하겠습니다..

I heard the news about the earthquake in Japan.. I’m very shocked and my heart is hurting. Everyone please stay safe and healthy, I will pray for you all.. “

U-KISS Soohyun

” 일본팬여러분들 괜찮아요..?! ㅜㅜ 조심하셔야데요ㅠㅠㅠ 일본에서 많은 사상자가 안나왔으면 좋겠다…. 제발…

Are our Japanese fans okay..?! ㅜㅜ Please be careful ㅠㅠㅠ I hope there won’t be a lot of casualties in Japan, it wouldn’t be good….please… “


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