SHINee ♡

SHINee ♡

Rabu, 02 Maret 2011

[News] KBS Twitter massage to SHINee

Come & celebrate the anniversary day with us~! 
KBS World will be live broadcasting “Founding Anniversary Special: Thank you, KBS Viewers” on March 3rd at 18:50(UTC+9, Seoul).
During the live broadcast, you can join us by sending a message through Twitter. Selected messages will be seeing on screen~! ;)
Here are the lists that you can send a message on~ 

1) “KBS is (___)!” - Finish the sentence by filling in the bracket

2) Write a 3-line poem describing “K.B.S”

3) Anniversary celebrating message

4) Message about your favorite KBS program and the reason why

5) Cheering messages to TVXQ & SHINee

[KBS] _______YOUR MESSAGE______   (NAME / COUNTRY)
Lets all cheer on SHINee during the live broadcast and wish Jonghyun a fast recovery! Well I think he won’t be there for the broadcast… but I still hope.

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