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Kamis, 17 Februari 2011

TaeKey elle girl interview

Key's part

Q: School period, the most favorite and the least favorite subjects are?
A: Most favorite English, hate Mathemathic

Q: After wake up in the morning, what is the first thing to do?
A: Look for a phone. After drinking a cup of cold water, turn on the iPod , wash/shower while listening to music

Q: When eating eggs, would like to eat hibiscus(raw) eggs, partially cooked eggs, or fried eggs?
A: absolutely cooked eggs

Q: Coffee, Latte, Frappuccino, which coffee would you like the most?
A: I will drink American Coffee everyday

Q: Laundry, cooking, washing dishes, cleaning, which housework is the most annoying?
A: The most i hate is doing Laundry. I like the others

Q: between coffee, chocolate, hamburgers, online, which one is the most difficult to quit/avoid?
A: Coffee

Q: In terms of fashion items, which one would spend the most money?
A: Jewelry, bags, T-shirts

Q: when on stage, which fashion concept do you like the most?
A: The concept of each stage is different, so it is difficult to select the most preferred

Q: Backpack, Messenger bag (courier bag), shoulder bag, handbag, which one will you choose?
A: backpack, and then messenger bag

Q: How to perfect interpretation of these packages, to show their fashion attitude?
A: Based on their everyday clothes to match
(LOL, i don’t get the question)

Q: how about aliens? do you believe in blood type? do you afraid/scared of Ghost?
A: i don’t care at all
(also, don’t understand what does it mean >,<)

Q: If you have a girlfriend, what gifts will you give her? Flowers, clothes, or ring?
A: I will personally choose/buy a clothes for her

Q: Dog, cat, girls, which one would you easily tempted on?
Key: Cat

Q: If you buy a car, which one would you choose, sports car or sedan?
A: Sports car

Q: Which city did you have the most special first impression on? and which city would you like to go the most?
A: the most special fisrt impression city is Tokyo. City that i want to go the most is London

Q: What words that you would like to added before the name “SHINee” is?
A: Contemporary Band

Q: What is the most impressive moments on your first concert?
A: The last encore, singing with tears at that time

Q: Which SHINee’s songs that you sing often?
A: Electric Heart and Arrow (?)

Q: If you can exchange/swap body with one members, who would you choose?
A: Minho! My movement is not very good, very curious about how sports would be like

Q: To who do you wanted to said “I Love You” the most?
A: Family and friends

Q: What do you interested in?
A: Painting, singing

Q: Three words to describe you (Key)?
A: Unique, very key, sharp

Q: birthday when the mood is agitated or upset? Of age you do, you want to adulthood? Or hate the adult it?
A: Is very excited Birthday friends will certainly have said: Today is my birthday. For the adult neither hate nor love.

Q: watching movies, reading books, buy the album, if you want to recommend it, would recommend which one?
A: Nicki Minaj’s song “Moment 4 Life”

Q: How much will the morning time to wear clothes? Select the day to wear the clothes, shoes and the like, what standards?
A: It will be ready the night before, so the morning will not spend a lot of time. As for what to wear, depends on the day the place to go and things to do, this decision.

Q: When in the theater to see a movie, where would you more like to seat? also when in plane?
A: In the theater, i will selected the center seat. In plane is the window seat

Q: about your looks, which part is the most satisfying part? and which part that you regret?
A: Like the most is my eyes. Although it’s not hate my own appearance, but the feeling all of them regret
(don’t know what it mean, LOL)

sorry the translation is a bit messy >,<
edited by me
credits&translated: Leeanaseep@twitter

Taemin's part

Q: what is the first thing you do when you wake up?
A: look at the time on my phone and then take a shower
Q: how would you like your egg cooked? stir fry, half-boiled, or fried?
A: half-boiled
Q: which part of yourself do you look at in the mirror?
A: eyeballs! stare into the mirror and hypnotize myself
Q: vaulting horse jumping, ……(some exercise idk) and sit ups, which one are you most confident in?
A: vaulting horse, i am confident that i can hang onto it for a long time in the air
Q: soccer or basketball?
A: soccer. i liked it since i was young. my favorite player is Cristiano Ronaldo!
Q: amerciano, latte, or frappucino?
A: americano if i have to pick. i don’t exactly like drinking it.
Q: laundry, cooking, dishes, cleaning, which do you hate doing the most?
A: laundry
Q: which spot do you like to sit in at the cinema? and on the plane?
A: in the middle in the cinema, by the windows on the plane
Q: how much time do you spend getting dressed every morning? how do you pick the clothes and shoes to wear each day?
A: i wear what i see. so usually i only take 5minutes
Q: where do you spend the most amount of money on? (fashion items)
A: i like jackets, outerwear, and pants
Q: which stage outfit do you like the most?
A: i like my outfit in “Lucifer” MV, the ripped vest and black skinny pants
Q: backpack, cross bag, shoulder bag, or tote bag, which one do you like the most?
A: backpack for school, cross bag when i go out
Q: what kind of bag is your style?
A: a bag that contains sufficient amount of things. not too full and not too empty
Q: what do you usually have in your bag?
A: mp3, toothbrush, toothpaste, wallet
Q: what are your most and least favorite subjects in school?
A: physical education is my favorite. social studies is my least favorite
Q: when you have a girlfriend, what do you want to give to her the most? flowers, clothes, or ring?
A: hide a ring inside a bouquet of flowers
Q: a girl like a puppy, or a girl like a kitten, which one do you prefer?
A: a girl who is like a kitten
Q: when you can buy a car, would you get a sports car or a luxury car?
A: although i am tempted to get both, i would buy a luxury car first
Q: no matter when, which city do you wish to visit the most?
A: wish to go to Paris which i have only seen on pictures
Q: a recent movie, book, or album, which one will you recommend to our readers?
A: “Secret”. it’s a book that will benefit everyone
Q: what do you want to add in the name “SHINee” the most?
A: “idols that can be developed” SHINee
Q: what is your most memorable memory?
A: the moments when i can move my body along to the music without restrictions
Q: which SHINee’s song do you find yourself humming to nowadays?
A: Lucifer. that song changes alot
Q: which member makes you laugh the most?
A: Onew hyung. his gag is really funny
Q: if the members have to switch bodies, who would you pick?
A: this is a difficult question
Q: do you feel excited or frustrated on your birthday? are you an adult, or going to be one, or do not wish to be one?
A: when my birthday is approaching i feel worried. it is as if time passes too quickly. i do not wish to become an adult
Q: recently who do you say “i love you” to?
A: Eve and Adam, my puppies
Q: what do you wish to accomplish the most?
A: accumulate many valuable experiences, chat with friends, and work hard towards the goals i set for myself
Q: please choose 3 words to describe yourself
A: determination, student, red? that’s all i can think of
Korean-Chinese Translations: For SHINee World
Chinese-English Translations: hiyeom

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