SHINee ♡

SHINee ♡

Selasa, 08 Februari 2011

Saengil Chukkae Hamnida MY BEIJING FRIED PRINCE ^^

Saengil chukha hamnida
Dangshineui saengireul.
Uri Beijing Fried Prince ♥
hope you will be a part with Super Junior again.

no matter what has happened.. no matter what I still love Geng !! & I always will.. because in my heart he will be a Super Junior member forever, I will support him throughout his life.. I mean I am an ELF.. (I’m not going to seperate the fandom.. as in I’m a geng fan & ELF etc..) cause ELF supports all 13 members ~~ he is the No.3!!!
Saranghae Hankyung Oppa ^^

ini chibi-nya Hankyung oppa . ehhe ^^

Hanchul Chibi

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