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Senin, 07 Februari 2011

Yura Girls Day profile and fact

Twitter@Girls_Day_Yura Cyworld:
Real Name: 김아영 (Kim Ah Young)
Name: 유라 (Yura)
Position: Leader Dance
Agency: Dream Tea Entertainment
Birthdate: November 6th, 1992
Education: Ulsan Art High School
Blood type: O
Height: 168cm
Personality: Cheerful, lively, and positive
Hobbies: Painting, Dancing & Listening to the music
Skills: Well-balance body shape (?), Outstanding dance skill
What she likes: Computer Game
What she dislikes:  Diet
How she became a member: Auditioned after being “cast” on an “ul-zzang” site
Ideal Type: Attentive, Has a sense of humor, and likes me (truly)
Role Model: Lee Seung Gi sunbae MC, variety, singing, acting, CF, acknowledged in all facets
Jinx: Gets pimples on a important days once in while
Habit: Shake my leg
Favorite Music: Quiet melodied piano-accompaniment song
Often visited place: Convenience store..?
Usual Fashion Style: Has a lot of fur
Friendly Entertainer: umm personally, same age and from the same place Kyung-Sang Do, Lizzy! (I want to be friends! [in blue])
Favorite Food: Meat! Meat! Meat!
Favorite Color: Strawberry milk color
Favorite number: 7
Favorite Movie: Action/Thriller
Favorite Motto: “This too shall pass.”

Song Covers:
Music Video:
Girl’s Day – Nothing Lasts Forever  (잘해줘봐야)
Girl’s Day Mini Album – Girl’s Day Party #2
MBC Bouquet Variety Show
Photoshoot Magazine:
Maxim Korea Magazine
Fun facts:
She’s the tallest in the group
She showed her no-make up face in Bouquet.
She has insurance for her legs, value of a 500,000,000 ₩ (~$449,000)
She was an ulzzang
Sometimes her Ulsan accent/satori comes out. So cute.
She is a Meat Maniac!

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